The Abilita Program

Biopsychosocial resources

Individual health and rehabilitation professionals may purchase an Abilita license and training courses from Catolog All teams should contact  to arrange license and training to suit.


Abilita offers five assessments which provide baseline measurement of those biopsychosocial factors that impede recovery from injury or illness in differing contexts;

  • The ARI.MSI for physical injury when pain is present.
  • The ARI.PI for psychological conditions
  • The Abilita Health Survey for other chronic health conditions
  • The Abilita Work Life Survey for participation issues such as absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • NEW Abilita Pain Questionnaire - refined (see Blog)

Each assessment is derived from a self-report questionnaire which is delivered online. Our software collects, collates and categorises the client responses into Domains presented in a report which is generated immediately.

Each Domain reflects particular unhelpful beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that limit the client's capacity to overcome their barriers to recovery.  Until impacting biopschosocial factors are categorized, the person finds them overwhelming and unmanageable.


The Abilita triage tools may be used by Claims Assessors, RTW Coordinators or Rehabilitation Case Managers who wish to identify all cases who are at risk of delayed recovery due to unhelpful beliefs, perceptions and expectations. These tools advise if an Abilita Assessment will benefit case planning.

Self-help Coaching

The assessments may be used as a stand-alone resource by health and rehabilitation professionals, or Abilita Coaching may also be utilised to assist clients to build knowledge and strategies to reduce the impact of pain , distress and disability in their lives.

The Abilita eLearning Coaching courses offer a refresher in essential behaviour change techniques to assist you to deliver a self-help coaching program to your clients.  The courses offers a range of topics that may assist your clients.

Is it for you?

The best way to decide if Abilita resources are what you are looking for, is to view our 6 minute information video "7 Reasons to use Abilita", register in Catalog to access.


The psychometric properties of the initial assessment instrument have been evaluated and published in the peer reviewed, Canadian journal 'Work'; Garton, Murphy, O'Halloran "A practical tool to improve outcomes in Work Injury Management" (Work 53, 2016). The comments from one reviewer were; "Abilita appears to hold great promise to improving the management of work injuries". Outcomes from applying this structured biopsychosocial approach were included in one study of Pam Garton's PhD thesis, available at LaTrobe university Library  

For information on applying this structured biopsychosocial approach please see our free 15 minute course "Implementing Biopsychosocial" available in Catalog.

About Us

Abilita assessment and coaching was developed by a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team under the coordination of Occupational Therapist, Pam Garton.  Pam and her husband Peter distribute Abilita resources through Abilita Services Pty Ltd.


To contact Abilita Services please email or call +61 (0)417 811894.

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