Abilita Assessments course (AA01)
Abilita Assessments course (AA01)
Training course to use Abilita Assessments. Price includes Australian GST; overseas purchasers may use a coupon to exclude this 10% tax. Request from You will receive an email providing access to the Assessment website...
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Abilita Pain Coach (AA02)
Abilita Pain Coach (AA02)
For health and rehabilitation practitioners to assist clients develop self-care skills to reduce pain. The Abilita Program has been doing this successfully for many years. 'Abilita Pain Coach' is a new condensed version; the 7 core topics, plus...
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Abilita Comprehensive Coaching (AA03)
Abilita Comprehensive Coaching (AA03)
This course teaches delivery of Abilita Coaching. Contents: coaching processes, 16 coaching topics to support people with physical or mental health injury or illness to build their self-help capacity. Pay only 50% if you have purchased...
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7 Reasons to use Abilita (AB01)
7 Reasons to use Abilita (AB01)
Interested to know if Abilita may be useful to you? View this FREE 6 minute video to find out.
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Implementing Structured Biopsychosocial (AB02)
Implementing Structured Biopsychosocial (AB02)
This 15 minute, FREE course covers the WHY, WHAT and HOW of implementing a structured BPS approach into an Injury Management or Rehabilitation process.
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Case Management with Abilita Triage (AB03)
Case Management with Abilita Triage (AB03)
This course is for any Claims Assessor, Case Manager or RTW Coordinator, who wishes to use the Abilita triage tools. The triage tools are accessible under an Abilita License; please contact us if this is not already arranged. This course does...
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1 User 6-month License (AL02)
1 User 6-month License (AL02)
Unlimited ABnet case registrations for 1 User. Initial and Impact Assessments for all and Review Assessment for ARI.MSI and ARI.PI. Includes Abilita Assessments training course. Payment of a license in this Store is an interim measure for your...
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5-user Team 6-month License (AL05)
5-user Team 6-month License (AL05)
Abilita Licence by 6-monthly payment. Unlimited ABnet case registrations for up to 5 Users. Initial and Impact Assessments for all and Review Assessment for ARI.MSI and ARI.PI. Must have purchased or completed Abilita Assessments Course to be...
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Annual Assessment License (AS01)
Annual Assessment License (AS01)
For an annual license to access all assessments, please contact to discuss a license to suit your requirements.
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1 Assessment Credit (AS02)
1 Assessment Credit (AS02)
If you do wish to take a license, you may purchase individual Assessment Case Credits. Each Credit entitles you to one case registration and all the Assessment questionnaires and forms associated with that case. Once you complete this purchase,...
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