Coaching course

Abilita Comprehensive Coaching (C02)

This course teaches delivery of Abilita Coaching. Pre-requisite is completion of Abilita Assessments course
Contents: coaching processes, 16 coaching topics to support people with physical or mental health injury or illness to build their self-help capacity.
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  • Introduction
  • Video Introduction to Course
  • UNIT 1: Abilita Coaching Foundations
  • UNIT 2: Restore Course
  • Session 1: 2.Knowing the Science, 3.BPS Approach
  • Video Topic 2: Explaining Pain
  • Video Topic 3: BPS Approach
  • Session 2: 4.Thoughts & Feelings, 5.Breathing Techniques
  • Video Topic 4: Thoughts influence actions
  • Session 3: 6.Physical Conditioning, 7.Managing Activity
  • Video Topic 7: Boom & Bust
  • Session 4: 8.Response to Stress, 9.Relaxation & Mindfulness
  • Video Topic 8 Relationship with Pain
  • Session 5: 10.Improving Sleep, 11.Fuel to Go
  • Session 6: 12.Motivation & Choice, 13.Goal Setting
  • Video Topic 12 Energy Stones
  • Session 7: 14.Role of Work, 15.Communication
  • Session 8: 16.Maintaining Change
  • Video Topic 16 Discussing Impact Report
  • UNIT 3: Implementing Coaching
  • UNIT 4: Return to Work Rehabilitation
  • Coaching Course Quiz
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "Coaching Course Quiz"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever